It’s the early 1930’s and Hollywood is entering into its golden age, transitioning from silent pictures to talkies. These three are among the best of the period, the second film prescient in its knowledge that we had not quite satisfied our absurd appetite for war six years before WW 2 would erupt (don’t worry, it’s a comedy!).

City Lights (1931) dir. Charlie Chaplin
The humanity and steadfast romanticism of the Little Tramp never fails to both break the heart and lift the spirit. City Lights’ ending is still a knockout and an all-time great.
Duck Soup (1933) dir. Leo McCarey
The Marx Brothers in their most irreverent masterpiece, with some of their best gags. Harpo and the lemonade vendor. The mirror scene. Chico’s courtroom interrogation.  Also a bit of a warning about the faith we place in our political leaders. Hail Freedonia, always and forever.
Only Angels Have Wings (1939) dir. Howard Hawks
Old Hollywood perfection. The huge world Hawks builds in the tiny South American village setting is a wonder to behold. He is one of our masters.