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Criterion specializes in the release of important classic and contemporary films. Kurosawa. Chaplin. Truffaut. Takovsky. Bergman. Wes Anderson. The list is endless and it’s the best kind of DIY film school.

Much of Criterion’s success lays in their ardent reverence for the history of film and in their unwavering engagement with their community.

This was the core inspiration behind The Criterion Vine of Living Art– recreation of Criterion cover art as in-motion Vine pieces.

The project was pitched  as a social media competition to encourage a discourse and dialogue on cinema in the Criterion community through participatory creation. The company would be able to crowd-source their story by putting the tools of filmmaking directly in the hands of the user.

While Criterion passed on taking this on as a full campaign, they have been kind enough to share the work on their website.

Criterion’s story is one of honoring the history of cinema while inspiring the future. It is my hope that these pieces, and this evolving project, capture that ideal. 

Be on the lookout in 2017. Will be completing my third and final chapter in this series, inspired by the work of Jacques Tati and his Monsieur Hulot films.

Also, please make sure to unmute the Vines by clicking the little speaker button on the upper-lefthand corner of each piece.


Badlands, Terrence Malick (1973)



A Man Escaped, Robert Bresson (1956)


Modern Times, Charlie Chaplin (1936)



Videodrome, David Cronenberg (1983)


Naked Lunch, David Cronenberg (1991)



Dead Ringers, David Cronenberg (1988)